Saturday, February 12, 2011


This blog generally revolves around two different categories of life: my being a nanny, and my having a girlfriend. Tonight was a prime example of when they intersect. Both V and I like to tell our families about us, because neither of us likes keeping secrets. I watched Seth and Isabella tonight, whose parents are super thrilled for us, and as soon as I arrived, their mom pointed out my wrapped wedding gift on the counter. Her husband congratulated me many times (he hadn't seen me since finding out about the wedding) and wished us all the best.

Meanwhile, V was sitting for a family she sits for regularly, with twin girls. She ended up telling them all about me and our wedding, and they too were really excited. They asked about our families, and honeymoon plans, and now we're going to send them a wedding announcement too. Of the families we sit for, between the two of us, all but two know we're getting married, and all of them have had positive, supportive reactions. For being a conservative Midwestern place we're in here, we seem to know all the right people.

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