Friday, November 19, 2010


Lilly has anger problems. Of course, that's a statement that would probably apply to most toddlers, but it's much more evident in her than in her brother. He tends to throw himself across the room, diving into his little chair, when something upsets him and he doesn't get his way. Lilly, on the other hand, has taken to squeezing, pinching, and hitting Patrick. Sometimes I'll walk out of the kitchen to find them in the dining room, him on the Thomas ride-on, Lilly violently pinching any portion of his face she can reach, her other arm raised to smack if necessary. It's startling, and often startles me into a more violent reaction than I would like - I grab her away, or hold her arm, or otherwise abruptly stop the scene. Patrick rarely cares, which I find amusing once the whole thing is over. But I'm not used to toddler anger like this.

In other news, their latest phrase is "No smushing," because it's what I tell them related to cheese, cheerios, and, as far as Lilly just told me, apples. She's currently nibbling off my apple (or rather, I'm cutting her tiny bites), and knows she shouldn't...try to make applesauce?

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