Thursday, November 4, 2010


Patrick and Lilly are being better. Still age two, but at least inciting less desire to throw out the baby and the bathwater. It's been a long time since I brought my laptop to work with me, but I came early this morning at their father's request. Of course, that didn't stop Patrick from waking up early, but at least I get to import some of their Sandra Boynton cds into itunes.

I have the rest of today off! You really wouldn't know that Timothy and Tessa are out of town, though, at the rate I'm finding other things to do: watching Seth and Isabella last night, watching more kids tomorrow night, and watching a 5 year old Russian boy on Saturday. Plus, since Timothy and Tessa are the ones who went on vacation, not me, I'm still getting paid. (Really convenient, given the wedding and all.)

I feel like this blog has been boring lately. Sorry, everyone. I'll try to have better stories than "So this one time, I really wanted to throw a toddler out the window..." (Note: Not true. I have never wanted to throw a toddler out the window. Me, maybe.)

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