Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bad days and big dresses

Last night was, for no reason I can totally pinpoint, one of the harder babysitting times I've had. In general (aside from when the twins are being two), I love going to my job, whether it's a regular family or just a one-night-sit (as opposed to a one-night-stand - I don't do those). But yesterday, V and I overlapped (again) (she only has eleven days left!), and we only had an hour and a half together before I had to leave. Jacob and Caroline, my first after-school kids, were in town for the weekend, and V was watching them at our house for the last half-hour we overlapped, as well as for a few hours by herself.

I went to a new family: Seth and Isabella's mom had recommended me to a friend of hers whose sitter had canceled last minute, and she had a four-year-old boy, a two-year-old boy, and a three-month-old girl (who was asleep when I got there and never woke up). The kids were okay, but there was no crazy connection (I'm spoiled on that), and the parents were a bit awkward, and the three hours after the boys went to bed dragged on and on and on. I was tired, and I wanted home. Plus I was hungry and had read the book and magazine I'd brought. Long story short, the mom said she'd definitely call me again, and of course I'll sit for her if I'm free, but I'm not dying to (like I am, oddly enough, with my other families).

In other news, I drove V to work today, and went to Once Upon a Child to kill some time. This resulted in me walking out with a gorgeous $9 Mimi maternity dress that fits me great now, with room to expand (I love sashes). V hasn't seen it yet. Tehehe...

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