Saturday, November 13, 2010


So, I promise a good post soon, but I'm tired. V came with me to watch the twins tonight, after I emailed their mom to ask; it's been a rough week emotionally, and we've hardly seen each other, so I just needed her. Ended up being a huge help, since Lilly threw up on herself, the bathroom floor, and me, after finishing her nighttime bottle. V changed her into new pajamas while I stripped, and then she ran downstairs to get the jacket she'd brought, which was about halfway to knee-length (or maybe not quite), so I could run around in that. Hazards of the job.

I love being around V when we're both around little kids. Watching her interact with them, her watching me interact with them - it's just so happy. I can't wait to start a family. Patience, patience.

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