Friday, November 5, 2010

Moments with toddlers

(Now that the dirty diaper has been resolved.)

Me, to myself: Oh goodness.
Lilly: Gooness. Gooness gooness gooness.


Patrick: (spluttering and blowing bubbles) Noise! Noise!!!


Lilly: O-side! [outside]
Me: It's cold outside.
Lilly: Code o-side. Code.
[she repeats this line off and on for the next hour]


Me: Somebody has a dirty diaper.
Patrick: Ewwwww! (holds his nose)


As I'm trying to type this, Lilly is hovering next to the chair, pointing at my phone and laptop and "narrating"-
"Phone. Phone. Puter! Buttons. Buttons. Buttons. Phone. Buttons. Buttons. Puter!"


Every time I bring my laptop here, Lilly looks at the cover and tells me "Apple!"


  1. Loud noises!
    ..someone has seen Anchorman.

  2. Happily, I think I blocked that movie out enough that I have no idea what you're talking about.