Sunday, July 17, 2011


I texted the twins' mom briefly while we were at the Natural History Museum the other day, telling her how cute Patrick was with the old phone, and how much fun we all were having.  One of her responses to me was, "Thanks for being into taking them! I love the fact that you take them places."

This blew my mind, to a degree.  I was beyond excited when they got the new car and I could have the van, when we could branch out from the local coffeshop and aimless walks.  I want to go everywhere.  We're in gymnastics, we're in kindermusik, we go to the zoo and aquarium and museums.  I have a blast.

I even think my homeschooler-esque (I was homeschooled; I can say that) trips pay off: Lilly mentioned earlier something about the art museum.  I want them to experience everything we can get our hands on.  I know their mom has always shied away some from taking them places, because it can be overwhelming, but they're growing up so fast, and they're so interested in everything.  I want to take advantage of that.

I am so, so into taking them places.  If only she knew how much.
(Also, even though I can take no credit for them, I love getting told how cute they are when we're out.)

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  1. It's so great for them to get out like that. Heaven knows how much of it they pick up and can refer back to later on, but the stimulation is building all kinds of faster connections in their minds. It's great that she's grateful for you!