Sunday, July 24, 2011


We've been busy this weekend: photoshoot, art museum, shopping, having an amazing dinner cooked for us...  Very sad to see friends leave today.  V is editing the pictures now, though, and they turned out great (as I knew they would).

So things have been busy but slow.  Not too much on my mind.  We're considering whether we might be more comfortable buying a $7-8k and replacing it in 5 years as opposed to a $15-16k car that might last us 10.  Somehow we just can't commit to that much money; the latest, though, is that my car without air conditioning also now has a troublesome passenger window.  It's starting to come out of its track, so it's permanently up now.  Yippee.

We've looked at VW Golfs/Rabbits, and now I just learned to my great disappointment that Saab stopped making their hatchbacks in 2002.  Why, Swedes, why?

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