Friday, July 8, 2011


When I watch Bug and Andrew by myself, Bug usually watches tv while I give Andrew his bath and put him down.  She's just not quite trustworthy downstairs by herself: she could quietly play with her dollhouse for half an hour, or she could empty every box in the pantry all over the floor.

Tonight after dinner, she asked to play outside.  She went out back, and ten minutes later, it was time for Andrew's bath.  I called for her to come in and watch tv; she told me that no, she'd rather stay outside.  Well.  I couldn't make her come watch tv.  That would make me feel guilty forever.

I grabbed Andrew's bathtub, washcloth, and towel, and took them all out to the table on the back porch.  So yes, he had a bath outside.  Bug stared at the whole setup for awhile, then went back to playing.  Andrew was taken aback, but seemed to enjoy himself.

I really, really wish his baby bathtub had been instead a giant wooden barrel.  I was so close to feeling like a pioneer mother, scrubbing down the baby out back on a nice afternoon.  So close.

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  1. That's a great idea. We rented a vacation house a while back that had an outdoor shower, and it was the best, happiest shower ever. There's something so right about taking a bath outdoors.