Friday, July 8, 2011


Something that I don't get to write about often: toddler twin sweetness.

I heard crying from upstairs, which usually means Lilly has stolen something from Patrick and he's upset.  I went up, preparing to deal with the millionth crisis of the day.  When I walked into the nursery, I saw Lilly sitting on the floor next to the rocking chair, holding her fingers.  Patrick was sitting next to her, peering into her eyes, asking, "You okay Sissy?" over and over.

She'd pinched her finger in the rocker, and it hurt, hence the tears.  He brought over her blanket, and sat next to her, making sure she was okay.

It was a moment of sweetness that I really needed.  It makes me smile even still.

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  1. Isn't empathy amazing, even in young children? What a nice moment for us (adults) to watch and learn.