Friday, September 2, 2011


I have a crush on one of the parents at the twins' school.  Bad?

Regardless, today was a great (and hot and muddy) day.  The walk in the woods was a bit exhausting because we were in the stony creek bed; Patrick and Lilly both kept asking to be carried.  Another super yummy snack happened, and I'm getting more used to the "new age" -ness of all of it.  We open circle time with, "Stretch up high toward the star of our birth; reach down low to warm mother earth."

I earned points with all the parents, because after the long walk, everyone sat down to storytime and I went and fetched ten little cups of water for the sweaty, tired children.  Three or four moms thanked me later.

But yeah.  One of the little boys in class is seventeen months, and I already loved chatting with his mom all through the morning.  During our walk, while the other kids were stomping around in mud, she sat down with him on her lap, under a tree with morning sun shining through, and nursed him.  Who wouldn't be enamored of that?

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