Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've been counting down to the twins' birthday; every day I'll say, "24 [today] days until you turn..." and Lilly yells back, "Three days old!"  It's adorable.  When I say three years, though, they both add on that it's just like Baby Bop.

It's rainy today, and I brought two umbrellas with me.  Well, I grabbed the one in the house, and then I also had one in the car, but I figured there was no way all three of us could use one umbrella.  I didn't realize that I should have brought three, however.  When we left storytime, I was in the rain while they each proudly carried an umbrella all the way to the car.  I have a picture on my phone, but no way to transfer...let me assure you it was adorable though.

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