Friday, September 9, 2011


In early August, I almost wrote up a post and scheduled it to auto-post on August 28th.  Then I thought, nah, I'll remember.  I didn't actually write anything on that date.

Why does this even matter?  Well, it doesn't, really.  Except that it was my one-year anniversary of writing here.

I like to celebrate the little things, like a whim of mine actually lasting (at a decently steady pace, too) over a year.  By now it's second nature to write at least every other day.  It may not be mind-blowing, but I was an English major, so it's at least keeping me disciplined.

Now to work on disciplining those darn kids...kidding!  You all know I love my kids.  If not, surely at least half of the past year's entries have been positive things about them.

My brain stopped working.  I should stop writing.  Happy late anniversary, Finding Snooze!

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