Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tonight, as a surprise for Patrick and Lilly's parents, V and I did a photoshoot with them.  They're only a few weeks away from turning three.  The shoot went amazing: despite being on the cusp of three and testing more boundaries daily, they had fun, listened well, and were adorably photogenic.

Like I said, it's a surprise, so we'll see what the reaction is - and if the twins can keep it from their parents.  I'm worried I might get a text from their mom tomorrow, "The kids keep talking about taking pictures last night with V?"  Hopefully not!

There are some pictures of me with them, and I almost had tears.  I haven't seen any pictures of me with them (except an old Photobooth one or two from a night I took my computer).  We all look so happy and comfortable...I love it.

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