Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've had some whiny grouches lately.  Patrick is entering the threes: he's acting out more, including the first act of directed violence against his sister that I've witnessed.  When he couldn't have something yesterday, he tried to kick her.  Today, he tried to run away from me at the playground.

I'm not sure how I'll handle this.  Those sorts of things are what make me lose my temper - though, come to think of it, many tantrums do until I get used to them.  Hopefully I'll settle into dealing with it, and it won't phase me anymore.

There has been too much rain this week.  We went to the Natural History Museum on Monday; I'll never tire of them looking at shiny rocks and skeletons and old telephones.  (There's a whole section on housing and life from first settlement to today.)  Yesterday we had an old-school day of coloring and taking a walk-

Lilly: We go for a walk?
Me: Sure, it's not raining at the moment.
Patrick: You need to get the stroller!
Me: I thought you were walking?
Lilly: Nope, Lina walking.

Again, thanks guys.

Their mom is out of town, so I'm working on Saturday too.  I think V and I are going to take them to a petting zoo/playground that's only open on the weekends.  I'm way more excited than I should be.

This from the girl who this morning said to herself, "I need to remember lipstick; we're going to storytime."

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