Wednesday, September 14, 2011


V and I are both sick, as of this morning.  She's been fighting something for a few days, and it finally got the best of her, in the form of an upper respiratory infection that seems to be developing into conjunctivitis.  I'm sick in the sense that I'm really congested, pink eye is highly contagious, and I live with her.

The downside is that the place where Essie and Anne's mom works is having one of those "this is kinda one of the biggest days of the year" days.  So for her to get a call at quarter to eight this morning saying neither of us could come was less than optimum.

And that's roughly how today's been going.  V is definitely off tomorrow and was already scheduled off on Friday.  I have no idea what life holds.  We're both stressed, though, because of so much that's going on lately, the money we're losing, and the fact that V is missing class and is going to have tons of makeup work.

At the moment, life's not so great on the home front.  The small upside is that at least we get to spend time together.

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