Thursday, September 15, 2011


I miss my kids.  Yesterday we were supposed to go to a class at the zoo on animal colors, and today is a gymnastics day.  I should be set to work tomorrow, but still...  I haven't seen them since Tuesday, and I miss them!

Their mom told me last weekend that someone in her mom's group was worried about hiring a nanny because she was worried the nanny would get too invested in the kids.  I'm so thankful I don't work for a family like that; there's no way I could.  Patrick and Lilly's mom told me that, for everyone's sanity, she needs to work (though maybe not quite the hours she does), and so it's in everyone's best interest that the kids be taken care of by someone who loves them as much as she does.

I couldn't do my job if I needed to maintain emotional distance.  It's impossible not to care, when your job is caring.

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