Thursday, September 1, 2011


V and I have made the (difficult) decision to stay home this weekend.  We were going to go visit a friend, and I know she's upset at the change of plans, but... I haven't been myself.  I've been a worn, exhausted, grumpy shell of myself.  I need a few days of downtime; if we went away, I wouldn't have that until next weekend.

I've been so much less stressed since we made the call.  We went grocery shopping (felt like I couldn't do that since we were leaving), put off the laundry that needs putting away (no pressure to do it by tomorrow), and am resting peacefully in the knowledge that I can sleep in on Saturday.  And Sunday and Monday, if I want.

Tomorrow is the twins' second day of preschool.  I think it will go well, now that I know what to expect.

Also, Lilly peed through two pairs of underwear today.  One happened two minutes after she got up from ten minutes on the potty.  We're back to diapers for the meantime.

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