Thursday, May 17, 2012


Patrick and Lilly left on a quick weekend trip today. I got ginormous hugs from them as I buckled them into their carseats; Lilly asked me three different times today if I was coming to the hotel with them. I honestly love how much those kids love me.

Just now, their mom emailed me to ask for email addresses for the teacher of their class tomorrow, or if I'd drop her a line to let her know we won't be there. My response: "Did it Tuesday." I absolutely love feeling ahead of the game. It's such a high.

Now V and I get to spend tomorrow together! Off to the zoo, where soft serve and baby animals will happen, and then maybe 10,000 Villages and a few other stores just for the fun of it. Then a photoshoot (4 year old twins!), meeting another hopeful client, not staying up too late, a Saturday morning photoshoot (12 people, 4 generations!), babysitting separate places Saturday night, and six hours of dance recital rehearsal on Sunday for the company V works for. It's going to be quite a weekend!

In other news, I feel damn hot on the scooter. Especially in a dress and heeled boots like I am today. Oh my Lisbet, how I love thee.

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