Thursday, May 24, 2012


There's a teeny photo, from behind, of V and I, in the Styles section of today's New York Times. Our photographer contacted us a couple weeks ago, saying that she'd been contacted to see if the paper could use some of her pictures. While all three of us had grandiose visions of a spread paired with an inspirational article on love, we'll take a small picture headlining a fashion piece. It means there's still room to go up.

Seriously, though, "fame" - though totally not connected to our names - is bizarre. Our picture is in the NYT. The flickr album of our wedding has almost 30,000 views. Tumblr keeps spitting out new pictures, each with over a thousand likes, comments, and reposts. What's a girl to think?

I'll give you a hint: it goes to my head, a little bit. I've never wanted to be traditionally famous, but there's a high that comes from seeing your image so adored. It's a high that I want again and again. It's dangerous.

So, does the BBC want to do a special on us, yet?


  1. It is! Kinda fluff, but hey.

  2. Fluff can still be relevant to one's interests. lol Thanks for posting!