Wednesday, May 9, 2012


As I said on Facebook, "Today's headache and general funk brought to you by 60% of NC voters."

I always have a very visceral reaction to family or political "statements" about gay marriage.  They shoot straight to my gut, and the feeling that everyone hates us gets overwhelming.  I had it last night; I didn't manage to sleep it off.

So now, a splitting headache and a depression about life.  And we're supposed to go to the zoo.  I don't wanna go to the zoo.  But when the kids' mom suggested it on Monday, I bumped it to Wednesday due to weather.  (Those are our two days with no classes or anything, so we can make all-day trips.)  We'll see if it happens today...


  1. In other news, President Obama has announced that he's in favor of gay marriage. Hopefully some policy changes will come of that sentiment if he gets another term.

    1. That's very true, and I sincerely hope he gets to act on that. :)