Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I don't know why I've felt so busy lately. It seems like there are always a thousand things on my mind, to do or sort out or take care of. We had to make an emergency trip to the Apple store last night, because V's computer spent yesterday spazzing, so now we're on one computer. We'll get hers back in a couple days...but still. I want to spend the entire time she's in class being online simply because I can, and won't be able to once she's home. Separation anxiety much?

Been playing lots of Pretty Pretty Princess with the kids lately. It's the Sleeping Beauty edition, and when you land on Maleficent you have to take her, and you can't win if you have her. Every time it happens, one or both of the kids will go "Oh, NO, you have the mean witch!" It's cute. Also, Patrick never wants to take the jewelry back off. The family went to the outlets last weekend, and apparently stopped into Claire's, where each kids picked out a new set of hair stuff. Lilly picked butterflies. Patrick picked bows with sparkles.

Writing about life calms me down. I feel less anxious. Less stressed. In a strange twist of fate, we're going up to visit my parents over Memorial Day weekend, and two weekends later, V's parents are coming to visit us. We're both looking forward to both trips, though, which says a lot. Also means we have a lot to get done in the house.

We've had a groundhog living out back, and now there are three babies. I'll try to get pictures up soon (once we find the memory card reader); it's adorable watching these miniature, fluffier groundhogs sniff around the lawn while mommy and/or daddy (we've seen two adults now) keeps watch.


  1. Maleficent is the best Disney villain ever. I watched Sleeping Beauty at age 16 thinking, "Surely it won't give me nightmares this time." I was very wrong. :P

    1. Yeah, she's definitely intense for a kid! Thankfully the twins haven't actually seen the movie, hence "mean witch." My little sister, on the other hand, around age 3 latched on to her and asked to be her for Halloween. She also would terrorize the 18 month old by telling her "I'm going to put you in my dungeon!" with a cackle. Good times, Disney.