Monday, May 7, 2012


My poor, amazing wife.  See, I'm not all that talented.  I can keep things organized: papers, numbers, due dates.  But I can't make stuff.  I'm not artsy.

V, on the other hand, is.  She's also working on graduating.  So tonight, she started a new class for May term; tomorrow, she starts another one.  She'll be in Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday evening classes until early June, when she'll start another, slightly less intense round.

Photography is also going swimmingly.  We had a shoot with a 9 month old yesterday; I ended up entertaining his two and a half year old sister for most of it.  She was adorable.  But, now V needs to edit those pictures, and then we have two shoots this coming weekend.  At least one is a for-a-friend shoot, so no time crunch to get pictures to them.

Unfortunately, V is also still teaching dance until the end of this month.  There's a big recital, and after that, she's done.  But that's still two days per week of teaching, and lots of outside mental time.  And she frequently watches Kali one or two morning a week, still.

And now someone just ordered one of her dictionary bouquets (which I've mentioned) from Etsy.  Yay for the sale, but really?  As if May wasn't already going to be the craziest month we've had in a long time.  And by "we" I mean "she," because, as I said, I can't do any of this creative-y stuff.

Poor, talented wifey.

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  1. After polishing off the rest of the dark chocolate m&m's, I think I'll survive. Somehow.

    To the dry erase calendar!