Saturday, May 12, 2012


Patrick, upon seeing the most recent cover for Time magazine, which is garnering all the attention:
"Why is someone biting her boobie?"
Clearly, he is not an extended-breastfeeding child.
We had a talk about mommy milk and the sheep and lambs we've seen lately at school.

Also, they entertained themselves with washcloths, plastic dishes, and two bowls of water for an hour tonight, pleasantly, without any arguing or doing anything crazy.  It was wonderful.  I told them that they could strip, Patrick tried to get Lilly to keep her underwear on (she didn't), then ended up taking everything off too.  Two naked kids, lots of small dishes, and sopping wet washcloths. And then we dried everything off and carried the towels down to the dryer!  Wonderful, peaceful way to spend an evening.

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