Sunday, December 19, 2010

Afternoon tiredness

I was scheduled to watch Katie and Sean today at 11:45 so their parents could go to a football game, and last night when I was there, I mentioned my roommate (code for V, of course) would just drop me off after church. Their mom immediately said she was welcome to stay, too - she knows that V is also in childcare. So, off we went after church today, and we were there until 4:45.

Sean napped and Katie had quiet time in her room, so we did get a bit of a reprieve, but Katie is one of the most hyperactive children I know. When she was downstairs with us, it was: swing me around your back, push me fast on this car, squeeze me between your legs and see if I can get out. I was exhausted. Sean, though, is as quiet and adorable and snuggly as can be, and makes me want a little boy (I still want a girl first, though).

When we left, V and I went to dinner and then came back and exchanged stockings, which is all the Christmas we're doing for each other. Then we went through our books to try to pare down our lives. Oddly, I enjoyed both those activities almost to the same degree. But I will always take stockings given a choice. It's felt good making money this weekend. December's been a tight month, but with V's sitting picking up, we're pulling things back together. I'm just ready to not be sitting both nights every weekend.

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