Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interactive play

One of the things that's great about twins (and despite how much I swear I'll never have them, there are some up sides) is that they learn to play together so young. Of course, they learn things like sharing. But, as I noticed this morning, they also learn how to interact with each other and play games that will later turn into "house" and "vet."

For example, as I was doing the dishes, I watched Lilly wave and say "bye-bye" to Patrick as he walked down the hall, and then "hi" as he walked back. This happened a few times, completely of their own volition. For two years and two months old, I'm pretty impressed. Then, when Patrick brought her a toy, he said "Thank you welcome." Nice prompting action.

It's really neat, watching two kids the same age, who have been together all their lives. I still don't want twins of my own, certainly. But I like borrowing them.

And now Patrick wants a bow in his hair because Lilly has one. He wore one all day Monday for the same reason.

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