Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not that old

Yesterday, Timothy was asking me about the legos I had when I was younger. I told him that I mostly just had pieces, not sets.

Timothy: Oh, I guess that makes sense. I know they didn't start making sets for awhile.
Me: No, they had them, I just didn't own-
Timothy: No no, I know. You just had different pieces. My dad said they didn't come out with sets till like the 1970s.

In other news, the twins have a new cd, but it's burned, and just says "Preschool Songs." I really like it, so I put it on my computer, but iTunes couldn't find it.

Patrick has picked up my signature phrase, "Oh goodness." As in, he can't get a piece in the shape sorter, "Oh goo-ness." He opens Pirate Potato Head and it's totally full, "Oh goo-ness." Though I guess it's better than Lilly, who, according to her parents, has picked up her father's frustrated habit of "Come on! ...damnit." I have yet to hear this, but oh I want to. And then I will say, as their mother said to do, "We say darnit."

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