Thursday, December 23, 2010

Slightly unsafe nanny

Today, after the twins, I thought I had time to meet V at the bank and pull out money so she could handle paying January's rent. I was wrong. Apparently, it's December 23rd.

So, I was running late to my second job, and I was supposed to pick up Timothy from a friend's and then collect Tessa from the neighbor's. Their mom had sent me the name, address, and number of the mom who had Timothy. Thankfully I had my laptop, because at a red light, I pulled up that email and saved the number to my phone.

You know you're a nanny when you not only have your kids' mom's phone number saved, but you also have your kids' friends' moms' numbers. Oh yeah.

Anyway, I called and let her know I was late, and she didn't mind, and I was only a quarter of an hour behind, anyway. It's been a laid-back day since; Timothy and I played chess, which has been our latest time-passer, and Tessa stayed playing with the neighbor girls. Now they're watching the Garfield movie on tv, and I'm counting down till I get to see my V again.

Tomorrow we're headed to her house for a few days, so you probably won't hear much from me. I don't work again till Tuesday!

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