Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I spent from ten to four with the twins (though they went down for naps at 2:30), and then from four to eight with Seth and Isabella (though they were napping till 5). I can officially say I'm saturated when it comes to youngsters. I love all four of those kids dearly, but my brain is enjoying the rest of the night off. We're supposed to get some pretty rough weather tonight and tomorrow, so who knows what I'll be up to tomorrow - though I'm supposed to watch the twins tomorrow night as well.

Lilly threw up in her crib as soon as I put her down for her nap and went back downstairs. She was lying on her back, so it was all over her shirt, her hair, her face, and her blanket. Thankfully there's a waterproof liner-sheet in the crib, so I just had to unsnap that and the crib was usable again, but since it was so all over her, I ended up stripping her and standing her up in the tub while I rinsed her off and tried to get it out of her hair. Poor sleepy thing was just saying "nap, nap" the whole time. Only her bigger blankie had gotten contaminated, so she still had her little blankie, her lambie, and her kitty to sleep with. She asked about her other blankie, and when I told her that I had to wash it, she looked at me sadly and said, "Sick me."

I do officially believe today was a test of my nannying capabilities. I think I passed. The twins' mom texted me and thanked me for everything I did with Lilly today. I just hope it doesn't happen again.

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