Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cute moments from toddler-land

I'm still feeling poorly tonight, and it hasn't been a good day for my respiratory system, so babysitting is not exactly my occupation of choice. Times like these lead to me being a less than exceptional nanny; last night I was making angel crafts, and tonight I'm on skype. I introduced one of my friends to the twins, and when I closed the window (Patrick was intent on pushing buttons) Lilly asked where she had gone.

I sneezed (of course), and Lilly brought me the tea towel they play with (they love to "clean") to wipe my nose on. When I got an actual tissue, Patrick came running with the trash can so I could throw it away.

I keep trying to get good photobooth pictures of them, but oddly, they're a little uncertain about it. I really wasn't expecting that, and it's sad, because I don't have too many pictures. I'll have to ask their mom for some.

Lilly was playing with her Princess Potato Head, and all I heard was "thank you welcome, thank you welcome."

Their parents ordered a pizza for dinner, and I set both of them up on the counter while I cut it. They thought it was so cute, and kept stealing bites off their plates. Their mom popped into the kitchen and commented that they were getting spoiled tonight. I said, "Yeah, how is it that I'm the one not feeling well, and you guys are getting spoiled?"

Lilly is learning to sing along with some of her toys, so now I have to keep pushing a bunny that sings "Jesus Loves Me." She hits about every other word: "love me I know for tell so yes love me yes love me." Which, when typed out, sounds rather like the toddlers' creed.

I love these two. I really do.

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