Thursday, December 30, 2010

Presents and parents

I saw the twins today for the first time in a week. I have to admit that I dropped my stuff practically right inside the door and ran up to the nursery; I've missed them. They have all sorts of cool new toys, too (only I would say that): Elefun, an easel, the Melissa & Doug pizza, Click Clack Splish Splash, and more. We had a very playful morning, and I drew about twelve spiders on pieces of paper for them. Thank goodness those are easy to draw, as I lack any noticeable artistic talent.

I was talking to their mom after I put them down for nap, and she was mentioning how artistic Patrick is. "The lilt of his hand when he has markers at the's hilarious, and adorable. He definitely doesn't get it from my side of the family." Apparently he also uses the pretend hair dryer to fix her hair, even floufing it when he's done. She told me, "He's going to grow up and be very artistic, or gay. And I'm okay with either one." She said that again later in the conversation. I love how relaxed she is about the entire thing; she lets him wear bows just like his sister (he actually wears them more), and it's not a big deal, or a premonition of doom to come. It's just what he wants to do at the ripe age of two.

Well, wear bows, and see how many times he can take his shoes off and on. At least he can put them on by himself now. I love velcro.

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