Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kid-free time

I need some time without kids. I'm with the twins tonight, while their parents at at dinner, and I'm going crazy and wanting to snap at them much more than I like. Due to snow, I didn't go see Timothy and Tessa today. Somehow that wasn't enough of a break (though it let V and I run some wedding-related errands).

My schedule lately:
Let's see, last Thursday I was sick; Friday I was still a little sick, but I watched the twins that evening; Saturday I watched the twins at night; Monday was twins, then Timothy and Tessa; Tuesday was errands in the morning, then Timothy and Tessa, then co-sitting with V for two boys; Wednesday was twins, then Seth and Isabella.

Today is twins, tomorrow is twins and then T&T, Saturday I'm watching Katie and Sean but they should already be in bed, Sunday is Katie and Sean again, then the week begins! At least it will be short because of the holiday.

But, in other words, I want some kid-free time.

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