Friday, December 10, 2010

Strep throat and playdoh fingers

Now that I've been on antibiotics for over twenty-four hours, I'm not contagious, and therefore...I'm watching the twins. I didn't want to deny their parents the Christmas party they're attending, and I need to make up some money since I've missed one day with them and two days with Timothy and Tessa. I'm feeling up to it, though I figured the evening would be low-key.

That was before I arrived and heard "markers!" followed quickly by "playdoh!" I stole an idea from V, who did a craft with the three-year-old she watches, and traced their hands to make angel wings and let them color a piece of paper for the angel gown. They're pretty cute.

Now we're mostly calmly playing in the nursery, which is good, because I'm tired. I only had one real nap today, and apparently I still need more than that. Thankfully tomorrow is Saturday, and I can rest all day before coming back here in the evening. The twins' parents get quite a few Christmas party invitations!

On a website I was on, Lilly noticed a triangle, so now they're watching my computer like two little hawks for any other shapes they can pick out. I think it might be time to put this away.

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