Saturday, December 18, 2010

Same-Sex Win!

Over Thanksgiving, my dad turned the title to my car (that is, the car he purchased for me to drive at school) over to me. Last week, I got it registered. I needed to switch from his insurance policy onto my own, and ideally, I wanted one where V could be on the same policy, as my spouse after March.

She's on Progressive, which would allow us to do that. I, through my dad, was with USAA, and I wasn't sure of their views. Everything I read online was dated at least a year ago, but said that apparently same sex couples had gotten burned by them. I called in (I love their customer service), and was told that I could easily put her as my spouse come March, and if I chose to start a policy with them now, I could add her as a cohabitant until then.

I danced around the room excitedly. Long story short, after minimal hassle, we are both covered through USAA, and in two and a half months we'll be married and covered. I don't do a lot of whining about the difficulties of having a girlfriend on here (except for that one health insurance post). But to counteract them, I want to point out the times when it's no more hassle than if V stood for... Valdemar? Which happens to be Scandinavian for "famous ruler." Or Vladimir. Or Vaughn. You get the picture.

This entry is dedicated to an organization that recognizes that we are people too.

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