Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've been a bad blogger lately.  Bloggess?  Do I have a title?

Lilly is having a rough time with her mom going back to work.  Lots of "I want mommy," and lots of tired tantrums.  It was nice to send them into the gymnastics classroom today.  Watching them from afar, they are adorable and really well behaved.  Of course, as soon as we got back to the van, Lilly had a meltdown that last for most of the 45 minutes of driving home, finishing lunch, and going to sleep.

Right now, I'm watching V practice kids dances.  She's working with a company who teaches dance classes for kids in daycares and schools.  She's also pretty adorable.

I feel like I should have more coherent thoughts, but I've spent most of today being drained.  TMI disclosure: V and I are coinciding on being girls, aka on the downside of being a lesbian couple, aka on being moody and emotional and weak.  Plus there's a lot of financial stress in life right now, which is actually fairly unusual for us, and I don't handle it well.

So that's where I am in life.  Quiet, sleepy, a bit moody, and ready for it to be the weekend.  First up, preschool tomorrow.

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