Monday, January 16, 2012


The kids are in a new class, on Fridays.  It's a "cultural" class, where they'll learn bits of other languages, do songs and dances and some yoga, and generally learn that all people are awesome.  I'll be in there for at least the first class, but I think I want to stay the whole term - doesn't that sound so neat?

This means we'll have school on Tuesdays, gymnastics on Thursdays, and culture (not the real name of it, of course) on Fridays.  Yay for routines, and less endless trips to the children's museum and aquarium.

Again, I feel like I'm left with nothing to say.  There's a point to blogging, right?  My brain is so full of V's classes, home improvement, craft plans, finances, and more...  I'm pretty sure I deeply ponder things; I'm just not sure when or what.

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  1. You've been so amazing at keeping my classes (and everything else) so organized.