Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've spent all day today in a losing battle with a headache.  It's not pleasant.  This morning, I told the kids I was going to just sit in the rocking chair because my head hurt - Lilly had just asked me to play a game with her.  Patrick promptly got his blankies out of his crib and was bringing them to me, though he got distracted and they ended up on the floor.  A few minutes later, I mentioned that I wanted to go downstairs to look for some medicine.  Patrick then suggested, "maybe you go lie down and rest on mommy's bed."  I texted that to their mom, and she replied "He's such a caregiver!"  It's true - sometimes both of them can be so nurturing and sweet.  I feel like it reflects well on all of us who have raised them, that their example is positive.

And now, I'm lying down and resting on my own couch with my own blanket, and it's wonderful.

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