Friday, January 13, 2012


One of the things I truly appreciate about the twins' mom is how much she takes my opinions into consideration.  I emailed her the other day with the link to some kids' classes I thought was interesting; she responded saying she didn't think the kids were ready for three things per week (gymnastics and preschool, currently), but asked my opinion.

I replied, telling her that every day Lilly asks "Can we go somewhere?" and I feel like I'm scrounging.  They really want to be out doing things now.  They love leaving the house, getting involved, going new places.  Their mom's response to my email?  "Okay, so which class do you think they would like best?"

We're not in anything new just yet, but I feel so very heard.  It's true, I'm the one who handles the every-morning requests.  I'm just so glad she realizes that and listens to what I say.  Stay tuned!

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