Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The twins' parents are home, I'm back at my home with two kitties instead of two kiddies, and I'm practically eating my weight in danish.  I preceded it with leftover asparagus though, which semi-justifies it.  I'm PMSing and destressing; when V gets home from class in a few minutes, I'm going to nag her to go out and get food.  (She'll probably say no.)

The experience was good.  Patrick actually didn't want to say goodbye to me (not like I won't be back there tomorrow morning), though about two minutes after his mom walked in the door, he looked at me and asked, "Why you not leave yet?"  Thanks, kid.  But then I got two hugs and a kiss before he'd let me.

I'm looking forward to my bed tonight, and resuming normal life.  I just wish it was the weekend - it already feels like it!  Speaking of, we're shooting Kali's one year pics on Saturday.  I can't believe she's that old already.

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