Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well, we saw the big red furry guy today.  As expected, none of the kids were super thrilled.  Oh, they all loved the idea, but the actual large animal/monster/creature?  Of the kids, Kali, who's all of a year, came the closest to voluntarily walking toward him.  Her older sisters, and Patrick and Lilly, wanted nothing to do with any of it.  And it was crowded, warm, and loud.  All in all, a fairly miserable hour and a half - but then it was over.

We followed Kali and company back to their house for lunch, which was great.  Their mom, V, and I sat and talked, while the four older kids played in the playroom and Kali walked/fell/whined/walked/etc.  Of course Lilly then threw another kicking and screaming tantrum before bed.  Their mom comes home tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will bring back a sense of normalcy.  I mean, I'm pinning her legs down to get a nap time diaper on her, and she's screaming "Don't sit on my legs!!"  Sorry, kid, but if you'd just hold still...

Though in the van after leaving Elmo, we had an adorable conversation about how he had to go back to Sesame Street now, and we decided it was far away from where we live, and that he probably drives a red car.

Also, Patrick's ability to tune out his sister when she's tantrum-ing is both wonderful and hilarious.

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