Monday, April 9, 2012


With the twins' parents gone, I have more freedom than usual to do what I want with them.  For a long time, I've wanted to take them back to Ikea; with V around, it's even easier.  We packed dinner, ate in their cafe, and then went through the store a bit because we needed shelves.

When we reached the main beds section, Lilly shrieked, "I've never seen so many BEDS!!!"  We cracked up for a good long time.

They each picked a desk and worked for awhile, answering the phone, typing away, looking at the computer screen.

In the kids' bed area, Patrick curled up in a big pink plastic bed and announced that it was his favorite.  I took a picture and sent it to his mom.  This is the same child who was distressed in the van because we accidentally left the house without a hairbow for him.  (A ponytail in my purse placated him, thankfully.)

Who says Ikea isn't a playground?  Or, for that matter, is just an adult's playground?  We all had a blast.

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