Saturday, April 21, 2012


V and I are in the middle of seven straight weekends of photoshoots, which is awesome.  It's also great from a financial standpoint; we were paid today after our shoot, and we went and "blew it," which for us means we hit two different thrift stores and spent just over $30.  Five shirts, three dresses, a pair of shoes, and a random small bucket that happens to have V's brother's name on it.  (It actually says ___'s Bucket Brigade. Oh yes, we bought that.)

As V said, "I think we needed to get paid."  So much of my income (by which I mean all) goes to rent and bills, and her dance teaching income usually ends up supplementing that, so it's nice to just go out and spend some cash without worrying that there are places it needs to go.

Next weekend we're shooting 4 year old pictures for boy/girl twins.  That'll be my kids in five more months!

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