Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm not sure if I've talked about last names before, but after reading A's thoughts over at Two Mothers McGill, it's once again on my mind.  V and I have talked about me taking her last name.  I first proposed it a year or two ago; since we know I'll carry the first baby (whether there will be more, and who will carry them, is TBD), we want to have as many protections in place as possible.

V being linguistically tied to our child doesn't do much, but it's something.  Sadly, when you're two girls trying to make a family, you take the little somethings.  The problem: I'm not attached to my last name until I think of "losing" it.  Hers is prettier.  It's simpler to spell.  It's more elegant.

Mine doesn't work at all as a middle name, or hyphenated (and we wouldn't do that anyway).  I think the solution is to take hers.  I want to.  Just...not yet?


  1. Names are really hard. I wish you the utmost clarity in figuring out what the heck is right for your family!