Friday, April 13, 2012


It's take your wife to work day!

Actually, it's "V displays some of her pictures in the family center where the kids and I have class on Fridays, and it's time for her to take them down, so there's a legitimate reason for her to accompany us" day.


As long as there's a second person between me and Lilly, life will be better.  And who knows, maybe Lilly will be better.  I actually slept last night, unlike the night before, so I think I'm at least somewhat better.  Well, sleep, plus the hour-long sobbing mental breakdown I had at Bug and Andrew's yesterday (they were napping; their mom was out) after the twins and before going over Seth and Isabella's for the evening.  (Overbooked?  Me?)

Also, happy first birthday Kali!  We're doing her pictures tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be one I can post.  I miss that not-such-a-baby.

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