Sunday, April 15, 2012


One of our cats, the slightly denser but hopelessly adorable one, has met a new foe: the ceiling fan.  The other night, it was thundering, and she sat on the floor under it and looked up with a mixture of apprehension and terror.  Any loud noise makes her glance at it.  Just now, for reasons unknown, I called her name, and she stared at the fan.

She didn't even know it existed until we turned it on for the first time a few weeks ago.  Meanwhile, her older sister walks around with a "you stupid-face, you're ridiculous" look emanating from between her whiskers.

Gratuitous cat pictures, commence.
Calcifer, too smart for her own good.


C again, also too adept for all of our goods.
Calcifer on a box; Mei Mei in a box.  This wasn't posed.
Mei Mei, who is gorgeous in real life but hard to photograph.

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  1. The cats who can balance on top of doors always amaze me. Ours is way too clumsy for that, lol.