Saturday, November 26, 2011


Apparently family isn't an evil entity.  Who knew?

I'm old enough to play with the big kids now, so when my aunt and uncles made their post-Thanksgiving dinner plans - going to a bonfire and getting drunk - V and I were invited.  When we left the bonfire, along with my 29 year old cousin we were staying with, we went back to his house and drank more.  And I (drunkenly) watched my (drunk) wife absolutely cream about four guys in Guitar Hero.

I've missed being drunk, with people I know.  But that's not what I'm supposed to be writing about, anyway.  My aunt, while sitting around the bonfire, went on a rant about how everyone should be throwing V and me a party, and she could barely keep her mouth shut, and it was utterly ridiculous that we were being asked to keep things quiet (by my mother).  She invited us to come stay with them at any point.  She said that obviously they owe us a present.

Not only were she and my uncle really excited for us, so were one set of grandparents and all my cousins.  It blew my mind, watching people I am biologically related to be jubilant over my spouse.  Is this what familial acceptance feels like?!  Now I know why it's so cool.

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