Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pottyless and employed

Pottyless: Last week, I took Patrick and Lilly to the one playground I could think of that had a bathroom.  I'd been avoiding outdoor activities while potty training, since bathrooms aren't super common (not counting trees).  Well, guess what was closed for the season?  Patrick never had to go, or never told me he did; Lilly said she needed to pee, and I told her we'd have to go behind a tree in the grass.  She did great - and was excited to tell Daddy later.  Thankfully his response was "sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."  Of course, today, while I getting us ready to go to a different playground, I put the little potty in the car, and Lilly says, "But there's grass we can pee on and trees."  It should be noted that she used the little potty, though.

Emplyed: Not me, but V.  She's been doing odd jobs for awhile, and didn't want to nanny - or rather, go through the ordeal of meeting a new family - again.  As of now, it looks like she has two part-time gigs that further everything she wants to do.  She hopefully soon will be starting newborn photography in hospitals (and not the ugly kind), and also will be teaching dance classes to preschoolers.  How much more perfect could it be?

Today, Patrick and Lilly and I met up with Kali and her sisters (and of course their mom), and another family whom I knew.  The five three and four year olds ran around having such a blast, following each other down slides, giggling up a storm, and jumping together on the bouncy bridge.  It's an unseasonably warm day, and it was just a beautiful, relaxing, enjoyable morning and afternoon.

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