Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies everywhere

Nine people on my Facebook friend list are pregnant.  It's crazy.  I take back what I said the other day about actually not wanting a baby right now.  Didn't think that would last too long.

It doesn't help that the twins are being precious this week.  Time-outs, certainly, and more tears than necessary.  But Patrick's sweetest hugs before nap, Lilly's grand pronouncement of "I got teeth!" after lunch, and their usual adorableness are combining to make me love them.  I see them tomorrow, too, and V is watching Harper (which I miss a little bit, because I love taking her to Gymboree).  Then Thursday night, and hopefully it'll be late enough that I can put them to bed, then Saturday morning.  Strange week!

Things could definitely change, but right now, V and I are both off Thursday morning and early afternoon.  I hope that stays...Sunday we had a date day, and tonight we went to a bookstore, and we've just been enjoying each other's company so much.  I want more.

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