Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So you know RSV, that virus that's really dangerous for preemies?  It's one of the causes of bronchiolitis, which is a pretty common viral infection in the first year of life.  Coughing, nose running like a faucet, difficulty breathing, wheezing, the works.

V found out today that Andrew was hospitalized with it while we were gone.  Poor kid, but by his mom's pictures, he was his usual happy self even hooked up to an IV.  He's fine and dandy now.

90% of cases occur in infants under a year old.
I'm pretty sure I was/am one of the 10%.
The symptoms sure describe how I felt for most of the honeymoon.  Thankfully Advil Cold & Sinus, Sudafed, and Nyquil kept me mostly alive, and I'm better for the most part - now, on day ten.

This is like back in June or July when V picked up hand, foot, and mouth disease.  I'm going to start researching common childhood illnesses and stocking the house with medicines against them.

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