Monday, March 14, 2011

Still alive

It feels strange, after so many months of updating every other day at a minimum, to take so much time off from here.  But it's my honeymoon, and there are pools and sunshine and roller coasters and V.  We're heading home in two days; I'm not ready to leave.  Of course it's a common feeling on the tail end of vacation, but life at home seems so hectic.  I'm hoping much of it was wedding planning, and it will be calmer now.  I need some calm.

I've loved having quiet time with V.  This is the first vacation we've taken where it's just the two of us and we've spent the entire time in one place.  We needed it.  We're reconnecting in ways that had been chipped away over the past few months of children and losing jobs and wedding planning and loan payments.  And nobody here looks twice at us.  Yes, when we checked in, the lady asked if my parents were here, but I put that down to age; nobody's batted at eye that we're two girls, honeymooning.

We've been congratulated, hugged, cheered.  I'm going to miss it.  Here, it seems everyone is just happy for new love, regardless of gender.  At home, only some new love is a happy occasion.  I don't want to have to figure that out again.

These are the rambles that happen late at night, when I'm due for more cough medicine.  I'm still alive.  And I still have another day and a half before I have to face the music.  And the dirty diapers.

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